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Nobody will be able to resist your charm and your sense of humor. Make a judicious choice between those of your acquaintances who bring you happiness and those who only cause you problems. Beware of your present tendency to adopt new ideas only to stand apart from others. Be careful in doing sport or practicing any kind of exercise: your bones will be weak, especially your knees; some insomnia.

Watch your safety during outdoor activities. Try to avoid any hasty climb and walk alone in the quite streets and dark corners at night. Your friendships should be a little on the emotional side as you reminisce over sweet memories of days past. Avoid any high impact activities, as your joints are susceptible to injuries at this time. You might encounter multiple problems in relation with real estate. Discuss with your spouse, tackle all subjects, even if you find it difficult to keep your cool.

Be vigilant on the professional plane. Increased risks of inflammation of the genito-urinary system. Exceptionally propitious day for your career. Your state of health may improve in a very sensible way. Your nearest and dearest will need your counsel, which is wise and extremely useful. Flexibility in handling business and human relations will help you out of trouble. Apply new concepts in your business.

Plan on trying some new sport or activity to expand your horizons. A probable inflammation of the bladder might cause you sharp pains. Welcome job-related travel opportunities because the lessons learned there will help you produced better work results. Extra help from your friends will also contribute to a smoother career outlook this year.

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Unmarried couples should start executing wedding ceremony plans. Married couples will experience multiple joyful occasions, possibly welcoming a new child. Be vigilant on your health as fatigue and illnesses plague your calendar year. A healthy routine and physical activity should help keep you healthy. A trying year in both your professional and personal lives — maintaining a right mind-set and finding the strength to persevere is key to handling this. You could bolster your career in terms of a fortunate job-related travelling stint however, so embrace it to gain an advantage in advancing your career in the long run.

Those in academic-related fields like learning and researching will find their endeavours yielding results in the form of significant breakthroughs. Unfavourable financial matters as more money leaves you due to unrestricted spending. Sensible purchases and self-control at the start of could offset monetary losses later on. Effectively plan your financial budget and avoid high-risk activities to curb spending and increase savings. Be persistently diligent in work assignments and have good interactions with colleague and superiors to make progress in your work output.

Weak Peach Blossom Luck means a bad relationship outlook for single people — they should adjust romantic expectations to avoid disappointments.

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This could also be a chance to foster intimacy between couples. Light or heavy road-related injuries could affect your physical well-being — keep safe by obeying traffic rules. Be aware of work hazards that could present a physical risk to reduce its negative effects on your well-being.

Both welcome and unwelcome events play out through the year — a significant boost in wealth and success regarding business and professional aspects can be expected although you need to put in the hard work like planning out a sound strategies to be richly rewarded. Be careful in your social interactions or you might get into legal entanglements. Unwanted chaos in money matters could also appear so manage your finances properly and avoid making large investments or lending money. Consider donating to a charity you admire as a sign of paying it forward for the assistance you received.

Expect disputes stemming from misunderstandings with superiors and colleagues to happen this year — thus, be watchful of your interactions.

Picture of 'giant snake that caused Yibin earthquake' lands Chinese man in detention

Also, be alert for certain malicious colleagues looking to double-cross you. Presence of Three Stages Star should help to reduce workplace hostility — do your part in improving your communication competency to avoid future work disputes. The Three Stages Star signifies togetherness — unmarried couples in a loving relationship should thus strongly consider marriage to solidify the bond. Single people wanting to be in a relationship should continue searching despite the absence of Peach Blossom Luck; this is because the Three Combinations Star shines upon them.

Inauspicious stars in your Palace call for extra vigilance over your health. Be ready for any attacks by diseases on your body by maintaining your hygiene and consuming all proper vitamins and minerals. Consider asking people to join you in doing physical activity in a team sport, and seek immediate treatment if you do fall sick. When considering a business expansion or large-scale projects, you should consider all possibilities, make sure you have sufficient resources and be properly prepared. Might experience a constant monetary loss this year — formulate a suitable financial plan to manage your financial outlook.

Inadequate financial planning and lack of caution in financial deals could lead to monetary outflow.

Weak Indirect Wealth luck this year means that you should build up your savings and avoid high-risk activities like heavy investment or gambling. Massive pressure and a harsh superior could cause you to feel seriously fatigued in Also, constant conflicts and a negative work space could affect your work competency. Keep motivating yourself and build strength of character to push through these obstacles.

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  • This may not be the best time to move jobs — although this feels stagnating, view this situation more positively and try to stay humble and tolerant during this time. A weak Peach Blossom Luck means that unmarried couples should focus on maintaining their relationship. Married couples should be more considerate as the simplest misunderstanding could lead to a heated argument.

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    Gong Xi Huat Cai - Come check your forecast :-) | Lady, You Can Be Free

    Single people will have to deal with being lonely for now and should instead focus on improving other aspects of their life. Be wary of physical threats from the road e. Handle metallic objects carefully as the rust particles it carries are a potential health hazard. Follow healthy nutritional and dietary practices to prevent intestinal issues from appearing. Noble people in the form of mentors or random individuals will make troubles you face more manageable.

    Family disputes will also arise, but remain reasonable here for a peaceful resolution —family and friends will still aid you when you most need it despite differences of opinion.

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    Those doing clerical work might have huge workloads from hopping in between work settings, so appropriately manage your plate of responsibilities. Be open to ideas and collaborative opportunities from the opposite sex to receive highly favourable work prospects. Ladies will experience weaker love prospects than men due to the weak Peach Blossom Luck. Thus, ladies should focus on developing other facets of their life while men should mingle in their social circles more for a good chance to discover their life partner.

    Unmarried couples should start planning their marriage, while married couples should be careful about their feelings towards people outside of their marriage as it could lead to future issues. Your mind and body are in prime condition to tackle Thus, perform physical activities, learn a new sport and watch your diet and personal safety to equip yourself for a year free of major disease and physical afflictions. However, being the life of the party could be draining, so schedule some personal time away from work and people every week to unwind and prevent negativity from burning you out.

    Could encounter plenty of obstacles early in the year — e.

    Dragon 2019 Astrology Forecast

    Careful preparation and positivity can resolve this quickly. After that, a surge of wealth by promotion or bonus pay could occur, but people might be petty to return money borrowed from you. Aid from colleagues will help you conquer minor obstacles. A man from southwest China has been detained for spreading rumours after he posted a badly manipulated image of a snake on social media and claimed it was a dragon that might have caused last month's deadly earthquake in Sichuan province. Police in Yibin, where 13 people were killed by a magnitude 6 quake that struck on June 17, said the year-old suspect, identified only as Zhang, was taken into custody on Wednesday in Chongqing, which neighbours Sichuan.

    His detention, the term of which was not specified, came after a task force was set up to investigate the rumour that had "drawn much attention and caused huge panic", police said in a statement on Weibo, China's Twitter-like platform. Zhang uploaded the image, which appears to show a huge snake emerging from a hillside, as hundreds of people casually look on, to Weibo last week. The caption with the image read: "A metre giant dragon with a diameter of 1. Despite the poor quality of the digital manipulation, Zhang managed to upset at least one woman, who was convinced the serpent was real after being shown the doctored image by her granddaughter.

    Police said Zhang had apologised for any upset caused and said he came up with the "dragon" idea after finding an already manipulated image of a snake online. It was "only meant to be a bit of fun", he was quoted as saying. This article was first published in South China Morning Post. Picture of 'giant snake that caused Yibin earthquake' lands Chinese man in detention. Jane Zhang. South China Morning Post. Jul 09,